offensive. stupid. what say you, kittens?

dude.  really?
I mean…. really?

if you have time check the comment thread at Jezebel.  heartless merciless bitches.  I <3 them


I'm an Asian woman… and oh boy is this just like looking in a mirror!
I have eyes and hair too!! Now just add a kimono and a Hello Kitty purse and it'll be JUST PERFECT!

Seriously though, who is this man and can I kick him?

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14 thoughts on “offensive. stupid. what say you, kittens?

  1. Like they say in the comments, it looks like a Bratz doll.
    Or Pamela Anderson. Or Janice from the Muppet Show. (my take)
    Also as they said in the comments…who told this guy he was a good artist?!
    What a maroon.

  2. Really? This is for real? I'm surrounded by Asian women everyday and the resemblance escapes me. Admittedly, I spend most of my time with Asian women chemist. Maybe if he drew her with safety glasses and a beaker instead of a purse I'd be able to see it :p

  3. OMG! This is the best thing EVAR! Thank you so much, mariser!! Omg I am totally dying here. Dying. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  4. That's funny. It doesn't really upset me though, I've seen much worse. Drawing an Asian woman is kind of like saying you're going to draw an African… I mean, it's a big continent with lots of different types of people. But… the cartoon doesn't even look like the 'stereotypical' Asian…. most of us have smaller eyes, super-straight hair, and not big full lips. Oh well, at least he didn't draw her in a school girl costume, with a camera around her neck, making a peace sign.

  5. I wish I could draw that well. If I could, I would make my own video and call it "How to Draw Female Aliens"…which is exactly what his Asian woman looked like.

  6. I'm not surprised. This guy's comments and attitude are nothing new. But the sad part is that he thinks it's still acceptable to portray Asian women in that manner. But orientalism does live indeed. too bad Edward Said isn't around anymore to combat it.

  7. It may take a modicum of taste/brains to see that this is offensive, but takes none to see that the guy is a bad artist. Who told him he could draw?

  8. @ HG: …orientalism does live indeed <— true dat.@ hapa: …he didn't draw her in a school girl costume, with a camera around her neck, making a peace sign.
    we are thankful for small mercies. still, you are too, too kind.@ IG: immediately thought of you. wanna guess what his island girl looks like?

  9. @jaypo: mos' def.@cp: Bratz! that's it.@silver: Maybe if he drew her with safety glasses and a beaker… perhaps. but I'm afraid our 'artist' doesn't know what a beaker looks like@stephel: also, ignoranimus@m-dash: the alien eyes I see, but aliens don't have big lips and/or purses.@lauo: GACK! can be a good summary at times like this@LT: Who told him he could draw? his mom. when he was four.

  10. OMG. I'm dying with IG. Maybe he's never actually seen a real live Asian girl. You know, like those crazy medieval drawings of elephants and camels by Europeans who only ever heard them described.Best comment from the thread: "maybe I have some Asian in my cocoa? Good to know."

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