thirty movies hath november – Babe (1995)

oh weels.  I found the trailer and a couple more clips from  Babe in YT, but VOX won't let me add them or even search for them.  something about "life being cruel sometimes".  whatevs.

ahem.  Babe is a tale of a little orphan pig who looks for and eventually finds his life's role. not as the centerpiece of a holiday dinner, he hopes.

cute.  but there's been talking animals in movies before.  but not like this one, where each animal lips were synchronized with the audio, even when dubbed in other-than-English languages.  that's some serious effort.
another bit of trivia:  Babe, the pig himself was played by 58 genuine Staffordshire piglets in various stages of development.

Babe the pig isn't the only one who speaks:  everyone speaks, Ferdinand the paranoid duck, Fly, the sheperd dog who becomes a mother-of-sorts to Babe much to the displeasure of her mate Rex, the house cat, the sheep, the barn mice… they all have more lines than the laconic Farmer Hoggett and his wife ("the Boss" to the animals).

Babe and farmer hoggettBabe and flyBabe and ferdinand

a bit of the story:  Babe is a wee piglet that is won in a raffle by Farmer Hoggett.  though they don't raise pigs, Farmer Hoggett brings the pig home to fatten up and eventually become…   let Ferdinand tell you.


Horse: The cat says they call it Christmas
Ferdinand the duck: Christmas! Christmas dinner, yeah. Dinner means death. Death means carnage! Christmas means carnage! [
flies away frantically]
Ferdinand the duck: Christmas means carnage!

Ferdinand has figured out a way to escape such fate by taking over the rooster's role.  thus, dawn at the Hoggett farm is greeted with a hearty series of quacks. 

but what about Babe?  what will he do?

for reference, here be the unpossible-to-embed-at-this-time clips


Babe sings


make sure the kids of all your friends watch this movie.  give it to them for Christmas. their parents will remember you when their kids refuse to eat bacon/porkchops/ham for at least a month.

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