thirty movies hath november – Rocky (1976)

back in the olden days of b&w TVs, Friday night was fight night.  thus,

Yo, Adrian! It's me, Rocky.

Rocky was a labor of love, the little movie that did, a personal tale that became a multimillion dollar enterprise. it is also the movie that has spanned the most sequels (Rocky II, III, IV, V, VI aka "Rocky Balboa"). what's the name for this? a hexology?

Rocky poster 1Rocky poster 2Rocky poster 3

the taglines for the movie are interesting, if a bit confusing.

You have a ringside seat for the bloodiest bicentennial in history! *

A Philadelphia fighter who never made the big time…He showed he could take on a challenge…and won something bigger than a championship bout.

Meet the "Italian Stallion": a small-time guy with big-time guts who yearns to be a hero…just once!**

He's a has-been battler with one dream left…and one last chance.

His whole life was a million-to-one shot.

* Rocky was released in 1976.  references to the American Revolution of 1776 Bicentennial are everywhere.

** a small-time guy with big-time guts.   I'm a 12-year-old at heart. I won't tell you what I thought it read.

Silvester Stallone gets mucho credit for writing the movie (in a 3½-day bender as legend has it) and more so for refusing to sell it to several studios that were interested in the story but wanted to cast their own choices (including Robert Redford. Robert fracking Redford. damn), but Stallone stood firm on his demand to himself play the role of Rocky Balboa.

no doubt Stallone was Rocky, but much of the movie's success was due to the fine supporting cast. Mickey, Adrian, Paulie. Apollo Creed

Rocky and apolloRocky and adrianRocky and paulieRocky and mickey 2Rocky and mickey 1

check the patch on Paulie's shoulder on the third pic.  Philadelphia represent, yo.

(damn. for the second day in a row I can't embed from YT.  is not just me, teh SO had the same problem)

here be the links to watch:


Cut me Mick

Gonna fly now (theme from Rocky)  


and because is not something I expected to find while searching for Rocky pictures:

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  1. You're gonna eat lightning and crap thunder… Sounds like everyday around here. LOL
    And for the record, is it just me that's weirded out by the USB dongle thingie?

  2. You're gonna eat lightning and crap thunder…quite the vivid metaphor, no?and no, you are not the only one that finds USB Rocky a bit disturbing. even more so now, paired with the "eat…crap…" quote.

  3. I watched this movie again not to long ago, and thought it stood up pretty well… I mean, it's hard to remember how this character and this type of movie were original.

  4. Why was he chasing chickens if he was gonna eat thunder though?
    Oh yeah, right. Mick needs to eat too…
    But I though he fed on the Fighter's Dreams…

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