thirty movies hath november – The last seduction (1994)

today's movie is brought to you by teh SO, who said "how about The last seduction?"

it has elements of film noir, thriller, psychological thriller, and some damn hot sex: neo-noir, as it is sometimes called. 
to movie buffs, The last seduction is also known as that movie where Linda Fiorentino was robbed,  as she indeed was.  because of an Academy rule, ms. Fiorentino couldn't be nominated for an Oscar for her performance in The last seduction because the film had been released on TV (HBO) before it was in the theaters and was thus automatically ineligible for any Oscar nomination.  a shame, since Fiorentino's went for broke in The last seduction playing the driven, amoral, sexually voracious Bridget to the hilt.  an amazing performance.


The last seduction trailer

some of the story: Bridget is living in New York and married to a doctor.  a doctor who she talks into selling drugs to some unsavory characters. she then absconds with the money, leaving dr. husband in a not very good position. he hires detectives to find her; she has moved upstate to some 'cowtown in cowcountry', where she goes through the local male population like to a shark through a school of guppies.

an exchange with Mike, who she meets in the town's bar

Bridget : Could you leave? Please?
Mike : I haven't finished charming you yet.
Bridget : You haven't started.
Mike : Gimme a chance.
Bridget : Look, go find yourself a nice little cowgirl and make nice little cowbabies and leave me alone.
Mike : I'm hung like a horse. Think about it.
Bridget : Let's see.
Mike : Excuse me?
Bridget : Mr. Ed, let's see.
Mike : Look, I tried to be nice. I can see that's something you're not…
Bridget : No, I'm trying. I can be very nice when I try. Sit down.
Mike : OK, maybe we just got off to a bad start. I know plenty of people –
Bridget unzips his fly]
Mike: What are you doing?
Bridget : I believe what we're looking for is a certain horse-like quality?

so maybe you want to see what happens after that exchange.  the following montage begins there, and moves to other sex encounters including MAJOR SPOILERS.  it is also NSFW and graphic. 

Bridget gets it on

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2 thoughts on “thirty movies hath november – The last seduction (1994)

  1. Hmmm….yeah I saw that one. I had to watch that second clip to make sure….It's been a long time, I forget a lot of it. I may have to watch it again! I always liked her, Visionquest, After Hours, I always thought she was cool and kinda underrated. where the heck is she these days? Oh that's right, she's a Philly girl!
    Not working much according to imdb.. oh wow, graduated from Rosemont, right near me.

  2. Philly girl, eh? that's where the cool flows I said, she was robbed of an Oscar that shoulda been hers.I think it jinxed her.I also liked her a lot in Dogma. very funny

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