for Mlle. Aubrey

who most likely has seen these already.  a drawing of Louise Brooks, daydreaming, by her friend and correspondent, Guido Crepax

M. Crepax was a graphic artist, whose most famous character, Valentina, was based on Mme. Brooks. Valentina starred in a series of erotic comics from 1968 through 1996.
I'd love to read the letters between him and Mme. Brooks.



Valentina-inspired furniture

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6 thoughts on “for Mlle. Aubrey

  1. Thank you!
    Would Louise read 'Anna Karenina'? Most certainly – she always hated how no one believed how intelligent and well-read she was.
    I'm not a smoker, but 'books, coffee, bread, cheese and apricot jam'? Darling, yes! And I believe that there would a completely shamless spark between artist and actress.
    (also, this absolutely reminds me that I need a hair cut stat)

  2. I myself would eliminate the cigarettes, change the coffee for tea… and possibly a variety of jams — but other than that, Miss B. has quite the right idea.

  3. I <3 apricot jam, especially with swiss cheese (as pictured), but a jam rotation wouldn't be a bad idea.I'd go for the entire setup 'cept replace the transparent negligee with flannel pj's. it gets cold here in flyover country

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