wish I’d been in Philly yesterday

watch the Drexel shaft go down, down, down


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7 thoughts on “wish I’d been in Philly yesterday

  1. as Mr. LT watches every single "stuff gets destroyed" show on teevee, I'm sure I'll be seeing this for years to come.

  2. It looked like it was going to land right on that white bus. I didn't know if it was a planned demolition until I went to the site. I was across the highway when the old Arena was blown up in St. Louis. Once it started happening you really couldn't see anything because of the dust.

  3. oh gosh, lbeeze, that would have been scarey. this one was planned, for early Sunday am for minimum traffic.

  4. Wow. That's pretty neat. It's interesting to see the amount of prep that goes into those kinds of things.

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