thirty movies hath november – Salvador (1986)

Oliver Stone is a blowhard. I think we can all agree there.  he's not a very good director, notwithstanding the undeserved Oscar he got for a middle-of-the-road war movie, Platoon.  one of the reasons I dislike his movies is Stone's tendency to beat the viewer over and over and over with a story's moral; he doesn't allow for any ambiguity or trust the viewer to get the point – makes most of his works ponderous and boring.

there are a couple of exceptions – rather, 1-½ exceptions:  the ½ he gets for JFK, because, let's face it, most of us still can't swallow the 'magic bullet' theory.  the other exception is Salvador

based on the experiences of journalist Richard Boyle (played by James Woods), Salvador chronicles the events of 1980-1981 in that nation at the height of the civil war, death squads and atrocities committed by both sides. it is a graphic, brutal movie; I could not turn away from the screen.
it is worth noting another achievement of Salvador: it may be the only movie or TV show ever made were Jim Belushi is bearable to watch – his character, Doctor Rock, accompanies Boyle to El Salvador on a lark and is entangled in the amoral atmosphere of the capital, while Boyle attempts to capture what is happening and get it out.


another trailer (graphic)

Boyle and an American photographer travel to rebel-held territory

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  1. I have to admit I am a complete weenie and cannot watch real life graphic horror. It's too upsetting. Go figure that I loved "Kill Bill" though. :P

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