thirty movies hath november – Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios (1988)

English title: Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Pedro Almodovar had been making movies for over ten years when Women on the verge… brought him worldwide attention, which he has kept for over twenty years.
written and directed by Almodovar, Women on the verge… is a broad farce, centering on actress Pepa (Carmen Maura) who works at dubbing foreign movies in Spanish.  Pepa is having a affair with her married co-worker, who has disappeared and his not responding to her messages.
the action mostly takes place in Pepa's gorgeous penthouse apartment – before it's all over, there will be appearances by lawyers, terrorists, girlfriends of terrorists, police detectives, a Jehova's witness concierge, a mambo-crazed taxi driver*, and Pepa's lover, who has kept a few secrets from her.  also a ridiculously young Antonio Banderas

* I can't track any clips of the 'mambo taxi', sadly.


opening credits (Spanish)

a clip (in Spanish) featuring Pepa and her lover's wife, Julieta

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3 thoughts on “thirty movies hath november – Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios (1988)

  1. I love this movie! I took a Spanish film class one year in college, and we watched every movie Almodovar ever made. My favorite was Kika. Totally kooky.

  2. This was probably the first foreign movie that I ever saw in a theater. I'd just graduated from college and moved from north Louisiana to Austin, TX. There was an "art theater" down the street from work and a few of us went to see Women on the Verge… one evening. It was fantastic.

  3. I watched it soon after it was released, and then again a few months ago at my nephew's apartment (he and his gf had never seen it). all of us, young adults and not-so-young adults were howling.

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