thirty movies hath november – Truly, Madly, Deeply (1990)

I don't like romantic movies

I lie.  I wish I could say "I don't like romantic movies" and if it wasn't for Truly, Madly, Deeply, it'd be true.  TMD is not only a romantic movie I like, it is a romantic movie I love.  loooove.  even wuv

TMD is a love story between she who is here, and he who is not.  he dies right at the beginning of the movie.  she grieves, and grieves, and grieves to the point of paralysis. she simply cannot go on.  and then he returns.

NOTE about clippage: there is an abundance of clips in YT. however, the great majority are remixes based on Twilight or worse – so be careful


after she and he reunite, what do they do?  sing, obvy

Were we always like this?  

I wish I could send y'all to watch, but incredibly, TMD is not available on DVD. I just very recently and with much regret, discarded my VHS copy.  like she in the movie, I must move on.

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