so, CNN doesn’t completely suck. neither does Arkansas, apparently

this. is. awesome.   missed it when first aired because I stopped watching CNN a while back.

Will Phillips wont’ recite the Pledge of Allegiance until there is "justice and liberty for all"

found via Shakespeare sister blog

[partial transcript]  entire at link

Will Phillips: Well, I looked at the end [of the Pledge] and it said "with liberty and justice for all." And there really isn't liberty and justice for all. There's—um, uh, gays and lesbians can't marry.

Roberts: Mm-hmm.

Will Phillips: Um, uh, there's still a lot of racism and sexism in the world, um, yeah.

Roberts: All right. So you, so you think that the country isn't living up to the ideals of the pledge and you took it upon yourself to sit down and not recite the pledge of allegiance until the country comes in line with, to embody the ideals that are embodied in the pledge?

Will Phillips: Yes!

Roberts: All right. So, your teacher, who is a substitute teacher at the time, was giving you some grief about not standing up. And this went on for a few days. What did you eventually say to that teacher?

Will Phillips: I eventually very solemnly with a little bit of malice in my voice said, "Ma'am, with all due respect, you can go jump off a bridge."

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  1. damn. I thought you were joking. wordI saw the headline about the girl being tasered, didn't realize it was in step forward, two steps back

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