thirty movies hath november – Barton Fink (1991)

Between Heaven and Hell There's Always Hollywood!

how do you talk about a movie like Barton Fink?

if you are familiar with the development of the studio system in Hollywood, 1930's American writers and playwrights, East Coast v. West Coast, 'Jewish intellectuals', the blacklist

you are likely to read it as a (barely) veiled recounting of those times with easily recognized characters

if you are really into Fight Club

you'll have a different read

could also be a tale of good v. evil, justice and punishment, a vision of Hell, a stay in Purgatory, a glimpse of Heaven.

all of the above can be argued for; none fit exactly.  and there is enough leftover symbolism to fill a few boxes

Barton fink posterBarton fink poster 2Barton fink poster 3Barton fink poster 4Barton fink poster 5

it is, without a doubt, the finest movie the Coen Brothers have made.  so far.


welcome to Hollywood, Barton Fink!

I'll show you the life of the mind!

confused yet?  excellent.  now go watch (or rewatch).

a nice little thing found out in the ether: teh script

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5 thoughts on “thirty movies hath november – Barton Fink (1991)

  1. One of my favorite Coen Brothers movies. I used to tell my students and my kids to watch this film as an example of how a movie can be terrifying without showing dismembered bodies, decaying zombies or chainsaws. It also manages to be exquisitely beautiful, and I can't figure out how they did that. I'm always devastated in the end.

  2. The finest Coen movie so far is Fargo, but this is a close second. The script is a great find. I didn't realize just how funny this film is until I read it.

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