thirty movies hath november – Cidade de Deus (2002)

English title:  City of God

many large cities in the developing world are surrounded by large slums . Rio de Janeiro is (in)famous for the sheer size of these slums, ( favelas ).  the larger favelas often have limited access to electricity and water, and barely any sewers or paved streets.  there is no police presence, and residents are accustomed to having to fend by themselves. the largest and worst favela in Rio is Cidade de Deus (City of God), where the movie takes place.

Cidade de Deus main characters are Busca Pé (Rocket) and Zé Pequeño – they are close in each, and while not exactly friends, they know each other and are interrelated in several ways. Busca Pé, who narrates the movie, is shy and ill at ease; from an early age he's trying to get out of the favela.  Zé Pequeño is, we learn early on, very different

during ~ three decades we see the two young boys watch their older brothers and cousins engage in petty crime. one night comes along as a lookout.
jump a few years – Busca Pé has acquired a camera and is documenting the world around him. Zé Pequeño is quickly becoming the top dealer and boss of the favela.

is not an uncommon story, here  told  via cinematography and editing. in several scenes the camera jerks and bobbles as it follows a character or another through the narrow passages of the favela. there is an open exploration of 's character, his fear of women, his inadequacies, how jealous he is of handsome, popular fellows. 

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