unintended consequences, law of

earlier today the talented and lovely val pointed us to the recent Pearl Jam concert at Austin City Limits.  the show was pretty good ( I did get the throwaway bit, val.  lovely)
once in the site one tends to peruse among the available shows. saw an enjoyable bit from me man Elvis C,

when I saw a double bill by Andrew Bird / St. Vincent, I had to click through: several VOXer friends like Mr. Bird, and at least one has mentioned St. Vincent favorably.

weels.  no offense, but those of you who like Mr. Bird, I don't share the sentiment. at all. I mean wtf.
he is kinda cute, in a broken-baby-bird sorta way, but as music?  no. and red pants.  no, no, no

St. Vincent was a better experience.  I've already replayed their segment a couple of times.

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5 thoughts on “unintended consequences, law of

  1. Ah well, that's what makes the world go round. I;m not his #1 fan but I really like him. I think he's really talented and writes some really catchy tunes. Live he was rather incredible.
    I didn't care for Antony and the Johnsons, so I suppose we're even sorta! ;-)
    I have a couple St. Vincent songs (at least one on my Vox) but it hasn't caught on with me enough to explore further.

  2. Websites like that with awesome live music shows are dangerously addictive…even if some stuff is less than stellar.

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