happy turkeymas, y’all!

remember:  if you is not overeating, you iz doing it rong.

we'll be heading out to the hinterlands ( hinterlands = dial-up connection) here in a bit, so see ya when we get back to the land of plenty and DSL.

this is what I'm hoping for:

I'm hoping it for y'all too.

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13 thoughts on “happy turkeymas, y’all!

  1. Have a great time!
    the hinterlands the hinterlands we're going to sail to the hinterlands!
    hmmmm. if that doesn't play all the way till the lyrics I posted, then…nevermind and have fun anyway! :-P

  2. Happy Turkey Day to you and Lord K! I'm looking on the bright side this year, tomorrow's planned misery should at least provide a good story or two!

  3. Hope your feasting is enjoyable and you avoid all conflict with the rellies. Well, at least most conflict—what would Thanksgiving be without an argument over the wishbone?

  4. Good news on the health front, speaking of healthcare, the son in law just got a new job which is almost double the benefits that his old one had. They are getting full health coverage too after a year on the job. So, hooray for insurance!

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