possibly of interest to some of you

amazon has the entire Arrested Development series for $28.99

today only, while quantities last, yaddayaddayadda. US only, afaik

/ I'm not getting any compensation for this blurb. just thought some of y'all may want to pick it up.
// I got my copy a couple of years ago.  <3 it. 
/// it made my nephew disappointed in me
//// his actual words:  how…how…white of you.

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9 thoughts on “possibly of interest to some of you

  1. And now it's mine – ALL MINE! Whee! Thanks for the heads up. I would have never seen this frabulous offer!

  2. I enjoyed this show when it first came out, but it hit too close too home. (And I mean home.) My older daughter, who turned me on to it, then really hurt me by asking, "Which character do you think you are?"

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