this is going to save so much time next time we travel

here it is, a bit bigger (click a few times for maximum embiggenment)

and the indispensable companion,

the magnificent, cholesterol-laden blog that originated these beauties, has them for sale.  as posters, though. I'm sure they are *almost* too beautiful to fold 16x as to fit in the glovebox.  *almost*

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13 thoughts on “this is going to save so much time next time we travel

  1. Better would be the GPS edition, so it would automatically direct you to food once it heard you utter the phrase, "I'm getting hungry"…

  2. Moi? LOL. Yeah, sure. Not. I have so many things going on right now, I need that like a hole in the head. Another one. Besides the one's I got when I was born and the one I put in there with the drill so I can scratch my brain. It feels itchy sometimes. Just kidding. it doesn't itch. No, seriously, I didn't drill a hole in my head. Yet. But that little voice, he wants to get out and… Oh, I've said too much now. He's getting angry. Must stop the anger…
    Sorry, what was that question again? Oh, right, the app. uh, no. But thanks.

  3. BTW, don't they have a Saggat's App or something that is a restaurant finder already? You could just take that app and reverse engineer it and fill in every location of a McD's or Wendy's or BK in there… In-N-Out count too? Hmmm…

  4. The restaurant one isn't quite as accurate as the fast food one — but I do love that there's no way to get to The French Laundry on that one!(had In N Out for dinner)

  5. We just got a Sonic in Flint. I've never been either. I don't know if tots is enough to draw me in. French Laundry! w00t!

  6. having The French Laundry in the flowchart with no way of getting there is cruel. brilliant, though. and accurate. but mostly cruel.

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