update – what the hell, Kentucky? what the hell?

update 20091208@1705:  so it seems to have been suicide after all.  I was one of many who thought that Sparkman's death was murder, but I was wrong. 

newspaper story at this link in my VOX library.  I don't know how to embed it here.

Rest in Peace, William Sparkman.


I'm speechless.   can't deal

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11 thoughts on “update – what the hell, Kentucky? what the hell?

  1. jaypo sez, I'd like to see certain populations not live up to their stereotypes.
    so would I. so would I. but there is something else going on. in all my years living here this is the first time I've heard of a possible lynching. <shudders>these are indeed strange times.more on William Sparkam's death

  2. This is astoundingly tragic. Wow. Ditto Jaypo – I'd like to think those stereotypes are outdated and things of the past. My sympathies and condolences go out to his family and friends.

  3. Must've bothered the kid on the porch with the banjo. Seriously though, this is very disturbing. Everybody knows the census comes to town every ten years, it's been everywhere, news, tv, radio. They wear these huge badges that say CENSUS on them and there is no doubt as to their identities. It will be interesting to hear if, when they catch the killer(s) what version of story they tell…

  4. I'm beginning to wonder if we're headed for a second civil war after reading stories like these. There seems to be a small but hardcore number of people in this country who will not accept a government headed by a black president, or the fact that this nation has to change or die. (Mostly from lack of health insurance.)
    I'm not scared, but dammit, I don't want more violence perpetuated in the name of hate. I wish Obama would abandon the professorial equanimity and get tough with the opposition.

  5. It really seems like this election has brought the cockroaches out of the woodwork. I think our communities have to become stronger if we want to survive this. Good subject to discuss at an important time.

  6. More disturbing details have come out on the case. Unfortunately it is looking more like it was some extremist act. Where he had been working as a census worker is unfortunately infested with drug dealers and meth producers. But, the details of how they found his body is beginning to preclude a simple killing from where he may have saw something he should not.

  7. Well, the good news is that census workers turn in their stuff pretty often, and get assigned a new hunk.So it shouldn't be too hard to pin down where he'd been recentlyThis is so sick that I'd really like them to pull in whoever it was.

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