I’m an idiot

or Steven Elizabeth is weird.
likely both.

I was eating breakfast – cottage cheese and crushed pineapple – and he kept on getting on my face and on the bowl, running interference with the spoon, the entire act.
this had happened before, and several times I had put a spoonful of the cottage cheese (that's what he must be after, right?) on his dish, just to be ignored.
today it finally dawned on me:  weirdo cat is after the pineapple. after inhaling a couple of spoonfuls of it, he is happicat again.  which means I still couldn't eat because he was laying atop my forearms, purringks

P.S.:  in punishment for calling him a weirdo, steven e. just now came over, pushed my pile of bills to be paid off the desk, dispersed them all over the floor, and left.

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16 thoughts on “I’m an idiot

  1. I love this story. Shows that they are always trying to communicate with us, we just aren't as fluent in Cat as we should be. It must be very frustrating to them.

  2. That will teach you a lesson.Aloha, Steven E. Cranky, she say dat you from dee Islands, bro', but no'dis time. Booya. \_/

  3. steven elizabeth thanks y'all for understanding that sometimes he needs to resort to stern measures when dealing with the human. he hopes she'll learn eventually.thanks for explaining the island bit: now I understand why the boy is crazy nuts about coconut icecream. he'd kill me for it if he only had a place big enough to hide me body.

  4. I love it that you have a cat named Steven Elizabeth.
    I used to have a cat who loved spaghetti– the tomato sauce, that is.

  5. LOL! This IS a great story! We must open our minds……release our inner kittehs…..and eat the pineapple! Yay for Steven E being HappiHawaiicat!

  6. Three-cats-back (name of Brendan) absolutely loved chili. He didn't care how hot it was, he loved it. But he was a purist. I would occasionally give him a little bit in his own bowl, and he would scarf up everything – except the little pile of carefully-licked-clean beans he'd leave in the bottom…

  7. Steven E. has been lu-outed. He pines for pineapple and everyone must know this desire and respect it.

  8. Hey, a cat wants what a cat wants. You haven't figured that out yet? Hee hee. Hopefully you didn't blind him with that "up-close-and-personal" photo you took. If you thought breakfast was annoying, just you wait until it's suppertime. Lol.

  9. Wow, Steven E. is pineapple lover. That is a bit weirdo for a cat, but don't tell him I said that! He might send psi-cat-signals to my crew of cats and have them shred my mail.

  10. Perhaps as a reward for pineapple bits he undertook to Utterly Destroy the hated paperworks for you.Good Kitteh being Good.

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