there go my chances of seeing the King Khan and BBQ show…

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3 thoughts on “there go my chances of seeing the King Khan and BBQ show…

  1. Mos definitely will not allow son to go through Christian County. He now has a criminal record. Convicted of a misdemeanor for blocking traffic during an antiwar demonstration last spring. Fined and sentenced to community service. Which is a laugh, since it's what he does with his spare time daily.

  2. mos' def. also tell your son to avoid the area. I fear he would'nt be too popular.
    if you look in a map, the area where this happened is dominated by Fort Campbell, one of the army bases which is the news a lot, mainly in the list of war casualties. tens of thousands of young men go through FC for basic training and (likely) shipment to Iraq/Afghanistan.

    once, years ago, we were driving back from Nashville and for some reason (traffic/weather/road conditions?) we got off the interstate and went on the route that goes 'round FC. our overwhelming thought was "don't go over the speed limit! not even by 1-2 miles. we don't want to be noticed by the cops".

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