I _ _ _ _ everything

this is the suckiest time of the year.
dark all the freaking time.
totally unmotivated*
I wanna crawl in bed
with a ton of gingerbread
and stay there
'til 2020

* cant' even be bothered to get rid of the pink angel.

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20 thoughts on “I _ _ _ _ everything

  1. Do you have Seasonal Affective Disorder? You sound like Sispo. She spends from October to March depressed, unhappy, and wanting to sleep all the time. She just got a light thingy and it's really helping.

  2. I have found that permanent white Christmas lights strewn about a room at any time of year seems to make me happy. I hate the dark winter. Can I have a bite of that gingerbread?

  3. yep – actually, you sound like me, prior to having gotten a good light box. I can''t begin to tell you just how much difference that's made for me. (and I need to use it year-round, too, though obviously for much shorter periods of time during the spring and summer.)

  4. Shopping Therapy (TM) helps me sometimes.
    But normally I echo this sentiment. Especially this close to the hellidays. However, this year I haven't decorated one iota (I usually do an iota) and I haven't baked cookies, (something I enjoy, and enjoy eating) and although I'd much rather be sleeping 18 hours a day, I have been in a decent mood. Maybe you need a visit from Val. I think that did it for me. Or maybe you need some Flying Monkey Cuppers.

  5. I remember I sent Sispo some light info you gave me! She finally got one–just a small 9 x 7 LED light. It's taken about 2 weeks but her mood has done a 180. Darn pituitary glands.

  6. I cannot believe how much better I feel since starting light therapy, although I started very late in 2007 and didn't get the full benefit of it all until fall 2008… for the 1st time, I didn't have to start fighting off the blues in mid-July! (I was kind of deep in the hole already in 07 by the time I made the purchase, it being early November.)

  7. I am extra bah humbuggy this year. I have tiny tree up and that's it. Worrying about money and not being able to shop have totally ruined Xmas this year. Can't buy anything for anybody, won't be getting anything.Gets so dark so early — seems even earlier this year, but of course I know it can't be.I need cookies and eggnog stat.

  8. thanks everyone for your concern and words.I'z much better now after watching some episodes of News Radio. laughed a bit, but it also got to missing Phil Hartmann… : \LK borrowed a light lamp from work. I need to spend some time with it.

  9. I find watching the commercials on TV to be especially depressing, since most of us don't have the money to buy a Wii or a super cellphone with a projector that can show the latest trailers for James Cameron's latest blockbuster. I also hate watching the news re the health insurance bill and Afghanistan. It's enough to make you want to immigrate to Australia, where it's summer and they have national health care.

  10. i hear you – what kind of lamp is this that you're borrowing? only certain kinds of lights/bulbs actually work re. SAD. (I don't mean to beat that into the ground, but man – what you say about the short, dark days is a pretty classic SAD thing… i could have written everything you said in your post, not so long ago.)

  11. The lamp is one we use occasionally for a solar load simulation. Its a daylight color corrected 400 watt metal halide lamp. Very similar specs to some of the SAD fixtures.

  12. ah. well… there's been a fair amount of research on which kinds of lights are most effective. (and there has to be good UV shielding, too.)

  13. Indeed. I ran across a bit of it as researching these lamps for the simulation at work. And these are shielded against UV too. Actually had the spectrum of them mapped once. But I have not read recent research. So these could be a bit outdated. Of course, the entire setup at work is cool. 12 of them lining the walls of a 12×12 room. Almost 5000 watts! With the door open, you see this brilliant white light radiating out. I have thought of just buying sand and getting a beach chair.

  14. wow – if you do, can i book some time in there? Seriously, I really need a day or two at the beach to make up for all the winter gloom…

  15. e2c, if I tell you, I have to kill you……Yep, it is a military thing. MIL-STD-810. It has various components and one is solar radiation or solar load. While its a military standard, many consumer and industrial products are tested to it. Basically, you have a cabinet outside, its going to absorb solar energy. The amount would vary by the product design so we can't just raise the temperature. We have to simulate a summer day.I set it up originally during winter and my coworkers were making fun of me for wearing sunglasses inside. The number of lights vary with the product size. Hence the reason I can borrow one from time to time.

  16. Lord K – ha! I had a federal security clearance myself at one time. D.C. is teeming with people who aren't allowed to discuss what they do, although I never was part of *that* club. ;)

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