a tale of cupcakes

what I came across while shopping

* What Would Laurie Do?

had to bring them home for research

can't take on a large pack like that.  strategery is called for

one is chosen

(yep. it is indeed a red velvet)

must fight off other predators

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13 thoughts on “a tale of cupcakes

  1. I'm all for pretty stuff, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be too happy with the red poo of doom that would inevitably follow. It's sort of how I don't like Lucky Charms for the same reason but in green.Oooh, you could combine them for some sort of sick, twisted Christmas cheer.

  2. I"m not aware of any red poo of doom. is not like they are made of beets.green Lucky Charms + red velvet cup(cakes) = twisted Christmas ?

  3. they are good <—- for store cupcakescake is a bit dry, the frosting is great. creamy and not too sweet. yumshould I mail you some?

  4. Were they filled? The label seemed to imply filling…Also, re: technicolor poo: red velvet doesn't seem to have a noticeable effect, but green velvet cake certainly does. Talk of the office for a few days, that was.

  5. I'm going to use red velvet cake mix to make cake truffles and red velvet sandwich cookies once I get down to the US (I'm in the airport right now). Even brought my Christmassy cupcake sprinkles in my luggage.

  6. Oh yum! I haven't eaten red velvet cake in over 13 years. You can mail me some! No wait….that won't work :( Just eat a couple more for me.

  7. @Peg: they are filled. barely. just one little drop of the same frosting. @laurie: enjoy baking and eating with the Cappys. pics?@silverchimes: not sure these li'l cupcakes would make such a long trip unharmed. … could mail you a box or two of the mix. that's how laurie gets her red velvet fix.

  8. So, if you ate some glitter and some red velvet cupcakes, you could make new christmas ornaments for your grumpy neighbors later on, right? LOL
    Oh, and there is no doubt in my mind as to what Laurie would do… NOM-NOM-NOM (urp) LOL

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