finally a win in the culture wars


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8 thoughts on “finally a win in the culture wars

  1. it totally does. \m/we should start something like this for next year when the new American Idol (blech) is 'selected'

  2. We could encourage itunes purchases or something around the time the first AI winner's single is released. I think Rage would be a great band to use on principal, but now that it's been done we don't want to repeat it. Since the Brits stole Rage from us, maybe we could steal the Clash from them.

  3. oh my gorsh, The Clash. that would be awesome beyond belief. we'd have to pick a single song. I'll just have to contain meself as to not spend the little that is left of my much -ravaged 401k in downloads

  4. [slaps hand away from 401(k)] – that's your savings, missy! I may be on vacation but I do 401(k) plan administration for a living.If we start a big enough campaign we really all only need to sacrifice $0.99 on a download. I just checked and yes, the Clash has stuff on iTunes, but, you're right, picking the song would be the tough part.

  5. dont' worry, ma'am. my tiny pathetic 401K shall not be ravaged further.the "RATM for Christmas #1" was run through a FB group….still thinking about what Clash song to push. among the awesomeness all their songs are.

  6. It has to be popular enough that the kids today will be familiar with it, or catchy enough for them to like it, but it should still be something relevant and worthwhile to add to the music collections of the masses. Know Your Rights pops into my head, but it's not quite as catchy as some of their other stuff.

  7. I was so giggly happy when I read the article about them singing "Fuck you! I won't do what you tell me" live on air. After "promising" they wouldn't. Haha! What ninny thought they would keep that promise?

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