stupidest. movie. evar

also  irrational

Leaving Las Vegas

I want the last two hours of my life back.  with like 2300% interest.

LLV is about 'an alcoholic determined to drink himself to death and a prostitute…'

alcoholics and prostitutes should have picketed the movie. for giving them a bad name.  talk about defaming.

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5 thoughts on “stupidest. movie. evar

  1. Ha! Glad to know. Doesn't this have Nicholas Cage? I don't like him. Just another reason. If it doesn't have him, I still don't like him. ;)

  2. but… but… but… the intense turquoise hotel, with the white lion statues out front, that was supposed to be Miami… that was actually a hotel 3miles from me, in Long Beach. So that makes the movie good. (not.)I actually don't remember anything else about that movie! I was just soooo happy to finally know why they painted that hotel such a horrid color.

  3. They never plan to drink themselves to death, it just happens to work out that way usually. As for the prostitute, yes, all kinds of girls try to find the fixer-upper kinds of guys and, wll, fix them. LOL

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