the only top ten list that matters

most top ten lists just cover the soon-to-end current year.
unambitious amateurs

should have a more expansive view

like The Onion does

among my favorites:

3. Women domesticated

5. Sumerians look in confusion as God creates world

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8 thoughts on “the only top ten list that matters

  1. hope they make you smile, judy.@$6: Robyn is, for once, wrong. … not unless he is privy to the great underground trilobite army that will rise in 2012…

  2. The Sumerian one is just beautiful.We get the Onion News videos automagically downloaded to our TiVo, so I didn't know the Friendster thing was part of a whole.Also was delighted with the Puritans leaving Europe to get away from soccer. (idle hands = devil's work, duh!)

  3. I saw that Sumerians one the other day, that's one of the best I've read in a long time from them. The domesticated woman was great, I hadn't seen that one yet.

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