christmas cards


10 thoughts on “christmas cards

  1. oooooh these are all so pretty!! I love them all! (i think maybe the last one is my favorite, with the white & snow.)all them teeeny tiny santas runningk all around! &:o)have happy holidays, ooo

  2. These are all wonderful. The last one might be my favorite. I love the white snowflakes and architecture with the colorful people and Santas. Merry Christmas!

  3. Hurray, Christmas is close to being over! Now the madness of the holidays being over is definitely something to celebrate ;)Those cards are very cute!

  4. happy Thursday and Friday to you, silver!I suppose Christmas is not a big deal in Thailand, or is it?enjoy a festive banana latte for us.

  5. No, it's not a big deal here. I'm going to stop by a bakery on the way to work and get some pastries for lab staff, but that's about it.

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