Indiana U Professor Don Belton stabbed to death

Professor Belton was gay. it is relevant as the murder suspect is claiming 'gay panic'.

Pharyngula puts it this way:  The fact that he [Belton] was gay is going to be an unfortunate issue here, since the accused killer is offering as an excuse the claim that Belton had assaulted him.

Of course, Belton was killed in his own home. With a ten-inch long military knife, which I'm sure is a common accessory carried by visitors to professor's homes. And he was stabbed several times in the front and five or six times in the back, suggesting that he'd assaulted his killer by way of a back flip, trying to batter him with his shoulder blades…his horrifically gay shoulder blades.

Professor Belton was a recent arrival to Bloomington, since Fall 2008. he had  taught at U of Michigan and U Penn. Belton edited Speak My Name, an critically-acclaimed anthology of essays on black masculinity.

Bloomington is a charming liberal town; it is, as many other university towns in fly-over country, a bit of a liberal oasis as to its surroundings.  I can't imagine the sorrow of Professor Belton's family, friends, colleagues, and students. 

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8 thoughts on “Indiana U Professor Don Belton stabbed to death

  1. I'm getting ready to suffer fuckhead-panic. Think I'd get away with stabbing the ahole who did it? People just can't keep doing this shite. Eventually, liberals are going to go nuts and start killing people, too.

  2. i'm horrified… and it does sound as if there was a consensual relationship going on, so how the murderer can claim "sexual assault" is beyond me…

  3. I never knew of him until the horrendous news, LT. the loss of a voice as gifted as his adds to the horror and crushing sadness.m-t, at times like these I do wonder why we the liberal, open-minded, tolerant, don't succumb to 'fuckhead panic' and drop a few fucktards whose thoughts and actions we find repugnant (paging James Dobson)but nooooo, we try to 'live and let live' and let the ranters and the racists and the homophobes go on living, while this Griffin guy, the bastard that killed dr. Tillman and some many others have declared open war on so many of us.

  4. ec, from the sketchy details I've read, it does seem that there was a consensual relationship; maybe Griffin woke up with postfacto shame.sad, horrific, sad, and even more sad

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