dammit —- a free-verse poem

since I'm a shut-in and an introvert*
I planned to spend the day doing two things I've never done
making a playlist**
making a best-of-year thingie
(actually three things – being an album type of person, decided to forgo that and do singles)

so I did
filtered my music collection for "year released = 2009"
looked at times played, what I liked best, other criteria
cut again
came up with 20 songs
which I didnt' mean to do
just happened that way

spent some time getting cover art for each
then came time to upload to VOX
three times it just kept on going and going and going
at least thirty minutes each time
until I canceled.
let one go for over an hour and though it never finished according to the pop-up
when I canceled it was done.
except without cover art
so I deleted it and tried again
same result
did a second song
took forever to upload
and no cover art.
the third song, a few seconds ago
it worked on loading for about fifteen minutes
and then announced "cannot accept this kind of file"
though it is a plain .mp3

I give up
you can listed to the two songs
(without cover art)
all I have to show for several hours of work
(not really.  it was mostly waiting)

02 Epilepsy Is Dancing
Antony & The Johnsons


*  yes, I'm an introvert.  who speaks constantly.  it is possible, check yer Jung
** not technically true.  I did do a kind-of-playlist for the '15 days of bah humbug' project. but that was on a theme

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7 thoughts on “dammit —- a free-verse poem

  1. That is so frustrating when you can't load stuff. What a pain. :-(Lust for Life is a catchy tune, I like it.

  2. I guess you can try again on a non-holiday. when it's bust, it's bust. sometimes I have to use a different browser to upload things.this is why I don't bother with the music.I just added a tag over there –> for the hell of it.

  3. val, I had had hiccups before, but nothing like this. grr.not what I intended, but these two songs together are… a but of a large range.LT – I see that "lt was here". something cool for a change

  4. I make tons of playlists and then end up deleting them after awhile. Yesterday I made playlist for all of the "Naughties" (or whatever they're called). I started with 2009 and then wanted to know which year in my library had the most music. 2008 wins with 2.4 days of songs.

  5. I envy your ability to make playlists, silver.no kidding.I get cold sweats just thinking about it.I like the idea of listening to everything in alphabetical order. except that I went through a BIG J.S. Bach period a while back. real BIG. may take a few months of all Bach all the time.for some of us *cough* we have enough material to do "best of (decade)"hope you had a great welcome to the new year!

  6. Well, it's the thought that counts and boy, howdy have I banged my head trying to access Vox! Good on you, anyway, M!People never get that I'm "shy," although I am–even though I'm the most obnoxious person in the room. I'm over-compensating!

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