well, there goes one of my year resolutions out the window

the resolution:  "snark less"

butbutbutbut…  consider:

(bullet point goes here)   fusion cuisine has its points.  but Irish and Mexican?  really?
(bullet point goes here)   Irish nachos.  think about it.  Irish nachos.
(bullet point goes here)   it's Rachel Ray. 
(bullet point goes here)   EVOO

look at the yummilicious offering below:

would you eat it?   
(I'd bet not)

now I'm in the mood for "nachos as big as your ass"   from Costa Rica or from any of twenty good Mexican restaurants within a three-mile radius. 

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20 thoughts on “well, there goes one of my year resolutions out the window

  1. Rachel Ray! Now I've gotta go wash my eyes out with bleach. I can think of only one Mexican/Irish concoction that might be pretty good. Shepherd's Pie (It's Cottage Pie if it's English) with Mexican seasonings. But then, I'll eat anything that has mashed potatoes..I think that's an Irish thing.

  2. Nachos As Big As Your Ass in Costa Rica were the most awesomest nachos ever. And I eat a lot of nachos. Hence, my ass gets bigger and I get more nachos. Yum.Out here, a Mexican guy married a Chinese woman and they opened a place called Chino Bandido. You pick the 'filler', and you can have it as a rice bowl or a quesadilla, plus a snickerdoodle cookie for dessert. SUPER YUM!

  3. I was thinking of your Costa Rica trip, ames, and the NaBaYH, I hope to have them some day.jamie, I think changing seasonings it's ok.m-t, I think rarebit precedes nachos by…a few hundred years, at least. if anything, nachos are Mexican rarebit. though when you think about it, seems that most cultures that have cheese eat it over some bread/grain concoction – such as mac-n-cheese, suga', I've had both, and they don't sound good together. at all.

  4. Growing up, I thought rarebit was rabbit because it was pronounced "Welsh Rabbit" (in contrast to rabbit, which is animal rather than vegetarian) and I'd never seen it written!I don't know if that's the Irish thing or plain Ozarker colloquialism but I was in my 20s before I figured out WR = rarebit. ;p

  5. "Irish Nachos" are usually fries with cheese, bacon, and sour cream… sometimes with chicken. And I have them all the time, at restaurants.

  6. HURL!
    I don't think anyone can reasonably be asked to reduce snark in the face of something like this.

  7. These actually looked good in the picture, but when I read "corned beef", uh, no. Corned beef should never, even accidentally, end up in Nachos.

  8. I am with Dewitte.. The taste of Corned beef spice and nacho spice just makes me Shudder and I Love Corned beef… I am Irish so that explains that!This is just wrong on so many levels. Rats now I want some real nachos

  9. People, this can be saved.
    Double the amount of cheese the recipe asks for.
    Eliminate cabbage.
    This can be saved.
    I have no sense of the sanctity of nachos, since I eat them so rarely (damn calories!) So anything goes.
    Wait – what am I saying? It seems that corned beef has replaced the holy guacamole!!!!
    God, I'm confused. I'm going home.

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