homemade ginger ale and a bonus

inspired by this take on homemade ginger ale

in the spirit of improvisation there are no measurements, just guesses

homemade ginger ale requires two things:  ginger syrup and soda water.  soda (bubbly or fizzy) water I have, so for the syrup here's what I did –

chopped a knob of ginger (~the size of a golf ball. ~ 3 oz) skin-on

(I should have taken a picture of the ginger knob pre-chopping.  sorries)

added the chopped ginger,  ~ 2 cups of water and ~ ½ cups of sugar to a small pan and brought to a boil

reduced the heat and let it simmer for ~ ½ hour, until it was reduced by about half.  taste to see if you like it or needs more sugar (it's a syrup.  sweet is the word)


here is the bonus part:  just made candied ginger.  Score!

refrigerate the syrup until cold

add ice to a glass/cup, pour ~¼ cup of syrup, top with fizzy water of choice

(my choice of fizzy is lime soda – but any will do)

darn tasty.  a bit of lemon may be nice. or some orange peel alongside the boiling ginger.  hm.
here's the original recipe, and if you scroll down you'll find the uber-recipe, which is fancier and more detailed.

(I bet a shot of ginger syrup would be fantastic in a cup of tea)

the pink angel is VOX's way of letting me know it won't take cover art from me

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15 thoughts on “homemade ginger ale and a bonus

  1. it really is. a bit of a bite and very refreshing. I'd think any soda would work, it needs the fizzy – wouldn't work with plain waterI'm trying with tea next.I was happy about the candied ginger.

  2. Fun! Ever since Pepsi (I think) bought Vernor's and changed the recipe, I haven't found a ginger ale that measures up to that original. Maybe I'll have to make my own.

  3. Now you've got me thinking (always dangerous).I have a bunch of candied ginger. I 'spect I could do this in reverse.I have put chunks o' candied ginger in fizzy water, sodypop, or tea before for medicinal purposes (burp). And in my recent attack of cold and crud, I made all my toddies with ginger tea.(I also had ginger orange mayo on a buncha fries on Thursday, and MAN was that ever tasty. Hipsters and urban yuppies annoy me, but some of their food is teh awsum.)

  4. @amy: Pepsi bought Vernor's? ain't nothing sacred?@cranky would you believe that even though I live 20 miles from where they bottle it, I havent' had an Ale 8 One in years? my bad. this hm ginger ale is probably sweeter than bottled. I think bottled ginger ale has citric acid added.@lurker: not to disencourage you, but I'm not quite sure it'd work in reverse. or maybe it will. but I guess candied ginger is a one-way street.I've done the adding of candied ginger to tea for a long time. I <3 ginger.ginger orange mayo, eh? I'll take your word for it.

  5. It wasn't very gingery, which was a disappointment. I'd bring my own next time to add to it. But the orange was wonderous — I think it was fresh-squoze and the mayo was properly made, not a Best Foods tub.

  6. Indeed it is — I had me a ginger syrup and bourbon cocktail last year from some experts in all things whisk(e)y and it was AMAZING. I think I may have had another to make sure.

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