goodbye Kate McGarrigle

after a four year struggle with liver cancer, singer Kate McGarrigle died this past Monday, January 18 2010. she was surrounded by her children, her sister Anna and other loved ones.

                                                                  (pic taken by David Gahr in 1970) 

such a sadness.  such a scare to note formerly-rare cancers popping up more often into our consciousness via public figures and our own friends and families.

I love their songs about simple things.  walking, swimming, skipping rope

Skip rope
Kate and Anna McGarrigle

Swimming song
Kate and Anna McGarrigle

their Christmas album can be on repeat through the season

Rebel jesus
Martha Wainwright w/ Kate & Anna McGarrigle

"Little Boxes" made famous by Peter Seeger, in a charming French take

Petites boites
Kate and Anna McGarrigle

Kate and Anna are there for Nick after a strenuous walk

godspeed Kate.  I hope they know how to harmonize in the ever after,

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13 thoughts on “goodbye Kate McGarrigle

  1. My favorite was the Log Driver's Waltz, which they immortalized in National Film Board of Canada animated short.

  2. how adorable is that short? I hadn't seen it before, thanks.also thanks for linking to the NFB of Canada. a gold mine

  3. I think every Canadian knows that short. It's a classic, iconic piece of Canadian identity.
    I used to work for the NFB, many moons ago, in the film library in Toronto.

  4. I daresay you'd like them, m-t. new and traditional folk, angelic voices, beautiful harmonizing, all within simple and elegant arrangements. do check out the animated short linked by laurie – it's very representative of the McGarrigle sound.

  5. so sad. I wont be able to listen to Hallelujah again without thinking of KateThe tears are welling in my eyes again
    I need twenty big buckets to catch them in
    And twenty pretty girls to carry them down
    And twenty deep holes to bury them in

  6. oh, i forgot to say – they actually did a lot of fairly "hard" sounding stuff on the gig with Jane – it had a nice rock edge. It was a revelation, because they hadn't recorded in many years and all the material (with one or two exceptions) was new. I felt very privileged to be there. (Most of it was later released on Heartbeats Accelerating and Matapedia.)

  7. I'm super-envious of all your chances to see them live. had to have been a treat. I was shocked to read that as sick as she was, Kate performed less than a month ago. very very tough, these McGarrigles.interesting to read about them doing all that research in Canadian folk – it shows.

  8. I feel lucky to have been able to hear them live so many times. They were hilarious, too – scurrying around the stage changing places when they either switched instruments or were shifting seats so that the sister who'd written X song was front and center. At times, they ended up crawling under the baby grand they were using in order to do that.

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