tonight. tonight we drink

in homage to the King of Ginges as he leaves The Tonight Show.

here, via videogum are some of the rules for the drinking game.  take a drink when each of the following happens:

  • Conan does the string dance
  • Conan rolls his r's at a lady
  • Conan rubs his nipples
  • Conan makes a disparaging remark about his skin/hair
  • Andy Richter says something hilarious because he's the best
  • They cut to a close up of Max Weinberg looking serious
  • They cut to a close up of Max Weinberg looking pervy   <—- as per LurkerType
  • Triumph the Insult Comic Dog makes a surprise visit
  • The Masturbating Bear makes a surprise visit
  • Pimbot makes a surprise visit
  • Amy Poehler makes a surprise visit (as Andy's little sister)
  • Pee Wee Herman emerges from retirement to present an award

more rules:

if Jay Leno shows up, finish your drink
if Barack Obama shows up, finish the bottle
if Jeff Zucker shows up, empty the nearest liquor store.
if Johnny Carson shows up you are way too drunk and oughta get to bed

and so, goodbye it is.  goodbye until Conan rises again to lead the ginge revolution. 
alongside RedScylla, of course

NOTE:   from the department of We Havent' Been Punished Enough, in collaboration with the department of Rubbing Salt In The Wounds, come the news that Jay Leno, that lousy rat has been picked to host the White House Correspondents Dinner.

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20 thoughts on “tonight. tonight we drink

  1. Ginger ale, of course! (Or Orange Crush)I would add "if there's a closeup of Max looking pervy".Also, Pee Wee came out of retirement and is doing Playhouse as a stage show in LA.

  2. I have a case of Orange Crush at the house already, cool! Do you think a case will be enough? How much beer did you pick up?

  3. not sure if LK will be joining us. we have ~ a 6 pack of beer which should be more than enough (for him).I'll stick to bourbon or maybe White Russians.

  4. Ginger Ale is a perfect toast to the Ginger King. could even add a bit of candied ginger for x-tra celebrating.

  5. I am really quite sad about Conan leaving the Tonight Show. I've had a crush on him since college. Damn Leno.

  6. Nice to see I got mention. I have a few friends who refer to me in my absence as Conan's Sister. Not sure how I feel about that.

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