I've never understood Bruce Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark – the music is so upbeat and the lyrics such a downer. but hey, he wrote it, he knew what he was doing.  I was delighted to find a cover of Dancing…that's a lot closer to how I imagine it to be, very melancholic, quietly desperate.

took me a while to find the cover and then VOX refuses to upload it.  it figures.   ———–>

here's another cover.  from the 1970 Amchitka concert, one of few tapes that had remained undiscovered 'til recently. Joni Mitchell has never sounded better.

Carey / Tambourine Man
Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Phil Ochs

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3 thoughts on “covers

  1. glad you like it. I'm not a fan of James Taylor, but he sounds so good and happy alongside Joni.freedom, VOX is temperamental, as I'm sure you've found out, but it does play nice most of the time and we love it – most of the time

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