another fantastic time waster

erm.  did I say time waster?
no, no.  rather a way to sharpen our critical thinking about the images we see everyday, everywhere

I mentioned in the comments of a recent post by IG, that I am newly addicted to Sociological Images – interesting, provocative, thoughtful – a delight.  
the comment section can get hairy very quickly – or bogged down in academic minutiae. so be warned

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3 thoughts on “another fantastic time waster

  1. I'm wondering what's the main idea of the article, as interesting as it was. Is it that Barbies should have been more realistically poseable/moveable? Or that GI Joes should have been less so? Or was it "look what the toy companies did to our innocent impressionable tots, shame on them?" I'm unsure as to the motivation of the article.

  2. the GI Joe vs. Barbie article was at the top of the blog when I grabbed it. as I read it, they are comparing B.'s limited mobility with that of G.I. since the dolls are (presumably) made in the same factories and of similar materials, the question is "why". and that's where the sociological context comes in, the gender assumptions that boys are active and girls "pose", and how does that affect real boys and girls.btw, I'm not a sociologist, nor do I play one in television.

  3. funny thing – I always thought that leaving out that whole skull-for-a-head, Skeletor was built. oh my.

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