the perils of Karaoke – a pre-KttD warning

I will not be attending KttD X.
not that I don't care for those attending.  I hope participants and guests emerge from the Rock-It grill alive and well.

this hope impels me to share with you this warning:  beware, beware,  My Way.  the NYT article below describes how  My Way  has wound a path of destruction and fear in karaoke bars all over the Philippines.

from the article

Filipinos, who pride themselves on their singing, may have a lower tolerance for bad singers.

the country’s many Sinatra lovers, like Mr. Gregorio here in this city in the southernmost Philippines, are practicing self-censorship out of perceived self-preservation.

“The trouble with ‘My Way,’ ” said Mr. Gregorio, “is that everyone knows it and everyone has an opinion.

if it can happen in the Philippines, it can happen at the Rock-It grill.  be safe

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7 thoughts on “the perils of Karaoke – a pre-KttD warning

  1. It's true. My people are probably a bit ahead of the curve, karaoke-wise, and should be disqualified from general international competition. We also rock at synchronized prison dancing, but you already knew that…Be well, KttD participants.

  2. I read that story too and immediately thought of KttD. I wish I could go, but alas it is not in the cards for this year.

  3. I've been skirting the KttD posts by various neighbors because I'm a little embarrassed that the Japanese invented karaoke. I realize it's become an international phenomenon and it's everywhere now, but I still associate it with drunk Japanese businessmen gurgling off-key in glitzy bars. (Also bad experiences where people tried to make me get up and sing "Close to You" or "I'm a Believer.")

  4. the "drunk Japanese businessmen gurgling off-key in glitzy bars" is becoming passe. Karaoke belongs to the world now. there is one (or several hundred) sociology dissertations waiting to be written on the Karaoke phenomena.though I never been to one, I've been following KttD for a few years here in VOX. I have high hopes the KttD concept can be expanded outside the confines of the Rock-It grill into the rest of America. the time is right to give bad karaoke singers the spotlight they richly deserve

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