I’m not paying attention

when did impersonators as in "Elvis impersonators" became "tribute artists"?

I didn't get the announcement

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16 thoughts on “I’m not paying attention

  1. hmmm, must have been about the time that moms became domestic engineers. Or Personnel Departments became Human Resources…..

  2. I always think "tribute artist" as in the drag queens who impersonate … but then Elvis Impersonators are just EI. Maybe it's the Elvis thing.

  3. I think about the same lines. 'tribute bands' I can see, but an EI is an EI. except when there's a bunch of them in which case they are "Elvii Impersonators"

  4. Great minds and all!Don't forget….when they stopped trimming back trees on the gravel roads around here they erected signs "Natural Beauty Roads" which meant it was cheaper to post euphemistic signs rather than trim the trees. Oh, they are slippery ones, those bureaucrats and politocrats!

  5. life is one big euphemism. everyone trying to pass off that they are something more important than they actually are, that things are more profound than they are, etc. etc.

  6. exactly!Also, artist sounds classier than impersonator.And you're all about class when you're in a sparkly jumpsuit, ya know.

  7. It reminds me of a line from a Replacements' song (of course):Sanitation worker and a maintenance engineer, a garbageman, a janitor and you, my dear, a real union flight attendant my oh my, you ain't nothing but a waitress in the sky.

  8. I didn't know where that line was from, but I knew it. I can't fly without thinking "Bitch, you are a sky waitress."

  9. I think they're in-flight service accommodation facilitators now, right? They could get more syllables if they'd put on the sparkly jumpsuits, though.

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