wear the green. drink the green. be the green

drink beer is OK today only!

hope your St. Pat's celebration is not *too* memorable. 

meself, I'm heading out towards D.C. parts.  see you back in a few days

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8 thoughts on “wear the green. drink the green. be the green

  1. Have an awesome trip, mariser! You never know what happens. A hockey game might break out in the middle of a barfight (to paraphrase Mr. Dangerfield).

  2. hai hai everyone.
    I'm here for my baby sister's wedding. hectic hectic hectic.
    won't have time for peeps, museums or anything else, sadly. otoh, the weather is blooming freaking fantastic. D.C. has earned it after Snowmaggedon, Snowcalypse and Snowfuckinstopthatshit.
    sister has cable internet but you wouldn't know it by using her pieceofsh… erm…'classic' PC. gah. this is slowest than cranky's office PC.
    hope y'all survived the holiday with most of your limbs and wits.

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