forget pie vs. brownie

Jezebel gets it right.  the real battle is cake vs pie. 

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8 thoughts on “forget pie vs. brownie

  1. My work has blocked Jezebel due to "erotic content," so I've not been able to keep up with the brackets. I can get to the site through a proxy, but no commenting. My job sure does suck now.

  2. The pie's willingness to be attacked by such elements as fruit, rhubarb and sweet potatoes must commend me to the Power of Cake.
    I lay my money on the dessert that doesn't need a flaky crust, that stands on its own. Go Team Cake!

  3. In general, I am a fan of any sort of dessert, but I have been let down more by pie than cake. I'm a crust snob – and there's an awful lot of bad crusts out there. A cake made from a box is always better than a crap pie. There's just really a lot of factors that have to be considered.

  4. @mmb – 'erotic content'? don't think so. those e-nannies are bizarro. have they blocked wonkette too?@aubs – I confess a weakness for the seasonal fruit pies. but cake wins all year long@steve – Red Velvet, the Queen of All Cakes. With Cream Cheese Frosting, of course

  5. that's always been my problem – a homemade, seasonal berry of choice, crust-made-with-lard pie is ineffable – and quickly eaten. but the likelihood of getting one are low.
    a cake just requires a not-too-temperamental oven.

  6. Ok, I did the whole thing and I just can't pick. I got down to ice cream cake vs. Boston cream pie. It really just depends on my mood. :) OM NOM NOM NOM

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