15 thoughts on “recharging

  1. Solar Cat Midnight Spazz Attack, fully powered in +3 hours.Congratulations on switching to a new Low Carbon Footprint Solar Charging System for your felines!

  2. I'm a bit concerned about the SCMSA. I better hope for cloudy and rain.teh LK, He Who Makes Things Appear From Planks of Wood and Boxes of Nails, is the creator of the Cat Pavillion. makes for happier/crazier cats

  3. heh. you know cats – they are always comfy. now that Spring is finally Springing, the boys will be taken 80% of their naps out there.

  4. yes, our 16 year old Tuxie girl barely made it through the winter.–she got scary skinny, and I thought she was on her way out, but I revamped the food situation and she gained back about a pound, so now she just looks frail.It's finally warmed up, so now she tottles out in the morning to sit in the sun all day on the porch.Old Lady on the porch, on a pile of catnip.

  5. I went out in the sun today. It was just about the most perfect weather ever, sunny, warm, not too hot. sat on a park bench in my t-shirt and jeans, grokking the foliage.our kitties are digging the open windows.

  6. The Cat Pavilion is so perfect. I love it when you post photos of it, mariser. Want!LOL @ Luao.

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