’tis a good day to have Netflix and Wii

they now play together.  can now stream movies and tv shows to the TV via the Wii console.

setup is easy – insert the DVD from Netflix in the Wii console and then type the code you see in the TV screen in the Netflix page.   works perfectly, faster than streaming to my PC.

the only shortcoming is that the Netflix DVD has to be in the Wii console everytime you want to stream – still, not bad for a freebie.

I'm streaming "The IT Crowd", a Britcom.   w00t!

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13 thoughts on “’tis a good day to have Netflix and Wii

  1. Sweet! I was considering buying the Roku player to get the streaming Netflix that way – glad I waited. Actually, I don't have Netflix or a Wii yet either, but I am pretty sure I am going to get a Wii later this year as soon as I can put weight on my foot (it'll count as physical therapy when I'm playing Wii games, right?), and the Netflix subscription seems like a worthwhile addition to the system (and will help my wife stay sane when the kids are tearing up the house and need a movie-break).

  2. Heard somebody saying rather than buying a blu-ray, buy a PS3 or something. I don't own any game consoles (think the last I played was back when you had to go to an arcade and insert a quarter), so I may have misunderstood.

  3. Ross, I'd think a Netflix be good for your family, being as your babies are, well, babies.Netflix streaming is cool but fairly restricted – don't expect the newest movies or tv seasons. for example, right now the first season of 30 Rock is available and the first few seasons of The Office – also things come and go. but you also get DVDs on the mail where everything is available

  4. m-t, that's correct, faik. I dont' have a blue-ray player, but I know that every PS3 console is able to play blue-ray discs. the price of the stand-alone players has come down to the $100-150 range, though. one can also stream Netflix via a PS3. here's a nifty Wii vs PS3 Netflix streaming comparison.

  5. Congrats! Love the PS3/Netflix combo. I don' think the Wii can do HD…but I like their menu set up better!You should also look into a program called Play On. It lets you stream Hulu and other sites to your TV. I gave up cable and totally use Play On as my cable box and Hulu is my 'DVR'…Play On costs $40…but is totally worth it, imo….and they give you a 2 week free trial if you want to give it a shot…Enjoy the Netflixin'!

  6. hey, it's dave come to visit!everyone say "hi Dave!"I think you are right, no HD from the Wii. 'tis ok, still looks fine on my fake HD (1080i) tv. it looks pretty good and the streaming is way smoother than it is when going to my PC.will look at PlayOn. I haven't been on Hulu for a while. everytime I wanted to watch something, it was "no longer available". damn teasers

  7. YAY! I've been waiting for this. I think now it'll be worth it for me to get a Netflix subscription. I have Apple TV, but I think Netflix probably has better movie title selection.

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