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this result is about 13% short

find out your chance of living through the night

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6 thoughts on “breaking news

  1. I got 93%, which I will accept as the amount of time the cat is planning to kill me — the other 7% is when I am feeding or playing with them.

  2. I only got 72%, but that's because the cat I was considering is not mine (I just see it daily, and I just know it hates me) – clearly I don't know it that well.

  3. @ LT – did you do a combine for both cats? or they each came up to 93%?@Aubrey – yeah, I'm afraid 72% is way too low – a dog I can see getting 72%, but not a self-respecting cat

  4. I got a 89%.I'm disappointed that the quiz didn't factor in things that would save me, like the goldfish-esque attention span Mikey-Kitty has.

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