I reckon they don’t teach geology in anchorman school

otherwise Rick Sanchez would know that earth surface air temperature is not relevant to volcanic activity.
a while back a fellow Voxer was pretty underwhelmed by Mr. Sanchez's appearance in a quiz show.

no kidding,

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14 thoughts on “I reckon they don’t teach geology in anchorman school

  1. because there aren't any volcanoes in ALASKA or anything, either.what a tool. where exactly does he think the hot shit comes from, the sun?

  2. I really hate when newsheads feel like they have to chitchat and put in their own little conversational comments like that, that's what gets them in trouble. they're not usually smart enough to avoid something dumb like this! just stfu and present the news.

  3. I hope you are right and Rick knows volcano mechanics and was just talking out of his ass to fill airtime.

  4. I played this for my kids and they thought it was hilarious. My 18 year old son had the look of disbelief that an anchorman would be so uninformed.

  5. This guy should have been in the back seat of the station wagon along with me and my brother on the summer vacation that we did almost all geological stuff. Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, those old cinder cones in NM, Petrified Forest. We knew it all.Although Arizona's hot, so that might have confused him more. Ye olde Pontiac station wagon couldn't drive to Iceland, but we totally would have known about that if it could!

  6. I know this is a very late comment, but still this guy is hilarious. Jon Stewart had me rofl at about Rick Sanchez's reporting on Chile tsunami. If you haven't seen it already, check it out: The Uninformant

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