QotD: Going for Broke

If you lost your job today and were forced to go on an extremely strict budget, what one indulgence would be the hardest to give up?

hookers and blow

Anything you'd find a way to continue splurging on from time to time?

that's what unemployment is for, son

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10 thoughts on “QotD: Going for Broke

  1. LOL! See, that's why I'm jumping back into the job market. I can't afford my monthly set costs. :-D

  2. but wait… I didn't spring for hookers and blow before — now that we're on unemployment, does that mean I need to start?*clicks over to Craigslist*

  3. When I first saw that QotD I got more than a little mad, since there have been many "indulgences" I have had to give up, like filling up the car more than once a month and dry cleaning. Your response made me laugh! Thank you!

  4. Consumer Reports has a great article this month on getting the best price on hookers and blow. (Handy tip: bundling can save big bucks!)

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