how much oil

interesting widget found on the PBS News Hour

oil, oil, everywhere

a heartbreaking gallery from

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8 thoughts on “how much oil

  1. the oil has reached the Louisiana marshes. it is now predicted to sweep towards the eastern Atlantic coast.

  2. it's in Florida's another scary widget:what if the spill was centered in your home town (or any place else in the world)

  3. I can't bear to look at the pictures. They absolutely break my heart. For the moment, those images of suffering stifle my anger.
    Planet earth is vast and aged, yet a small thing like humanity could destroy it completely.

  4. i'm with aubrey. the knowledge is bad enough; the pictures are killing me. particularly the pelicans because i'm a major fan of brown pelicans.for me, the only "bright" spot in this has been that our practices are, so far, affecting only our country. it would have been even more horrible if the oil had first headed to england or south america… causing other countries to suffer from our disaster. i hope we learn something from this. i doubt we will.

  5. Oh gosh…it makes me so sick to see this. I can’t look at the oil-covered critters anymore. I wish I could go help clean them off

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