Analogue rolling is rolling

for my record store-hunting peeps

be sure you get your putdown/sneer/smirk/long sigh.  it's built in the price

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6 thoughts on “Analogue rolling is rolling

  1. hello mariser!Have you ever seen "High Fidelity"? I love that movie – and this comic reminded me of that. &:o)It's weird to get older and see things change, and even sometimes become obsolete, isn't it? Sometimes I feel like my grandparents now. . .

  2. I've bought a lot of dorky music in my day and I've never gotten even one sneer/smirk from a record store clerk. Most of them are hipsters, but still nice people.

  3. High Fidelity is one of those movies that folks think I would love, but when I saw it, it didn't do much for me. it was ok, the best thing on it was Jack Black as the snobby record store clerk the comic I posted is referencing

  4. oh no! Yeah, I thought maybe you'd like it. But yeah, Jack Black is one of the best parts of High Fidelity. I especially like the end where his group sings at that big party, and he's totally awesome!

  5. Maybe they're not nice, but they're at least polite. If they're making fun of me, they're waiting until I'm out of the store.

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