and Louisiana regains the lead…

… in the race to the bottom.  perennial runner-up Kentucky is thankful.

be noted that the bill that passed the Louisiana legislation (79-0, natch) and immediately signed by gov. Jindal, only requires a woman seeking an abortion has to have an ultrasound (an additional expense of $80-300);  the original bill required the woman to also view and keep a photograph of the ultrasound results, have to listen to a physician describe the foetus including its dimensions and parts visible via the ultrasound, pick a name, and paint a nursery. (the last two are not true.  yet)

note that victims of rape and/or incest are not exempted.

but worry not:  according to bill sponsor, state sen. Sharron Broome, "This is a bill that empowers women,'

because the lo' knows many women in Louisiana undergo abortions without knowing what an abortion is. 

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10 thoughts on “and Louisiana regains the lead…

  1. yeah… boy… sure makes ME feel empowered. empowered to give more money to people for a procedure that's none of their damn business… UNLESS they wanna pay for the 18+ years of expenses associated with raising an unwanted kid!!

  2. I still hate people. I used to only hate motorists, as a young woman. The older I get, I keep looking for a reason to love…this shite keeps going on and on.And when are they going to legalize POT cos I'm serious here: at this point, I need it. I believe I may be able to not hate so much cos I'd be too busy relaxing.That was probably a bit non sequitur. Recently, I've decided that all we ALL really need is pot.

  3. good grief. not a single vote of dissent? boy am i glad i don't live in louisiana. i'm not even sure what planet that is.

  4. And this is a good reason to never move to Louisiana. (I haven’t wanted to move there anyway, buuuuut it’s a good reason to stay out!)

  5. Ugh. What bullshit. And just think about how many poor women in that state who get pregnant have very little pre-natal care (let alone an ultrasound) guaranteeing their pregnancy to be higher risk. WHERE is the law that requires THEM to get an ultrasound?? THAT would be pro life. Enough of this shit!!!

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