a yankee Doctor?

there are rumors of an Americanized Doctor Who for an upcoming movie. 
I'm hoping not – British movies and TV travel quite poorly to this side of the pond.
besides, what would stand in for the TARDIS? 

I like Tim Buckley's take


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5 thoughts on “a yankee Doctor?

  1. It was already debunked straight from the Beeb by the time this cartoon was drawn.however, Torchwood is moving to the US (with Capt. Jack and what's her name, though — and it'll probably be Canada posing as US).

  2. I can't imagine what would stand in for the Tardis. A hotdog stand? A coffee cart? Photo booth?
    Glad it is not going to happen. Some things just can't cross cultures. What I love about UK shows is that they use real people – the actors are very ordinary looking usually. Not plastic and always handsome like UK. More real.

  3. Thinking about it, I'm surprised that it hasn't happened already. At least you can guarantee that the chick sidekick would be smoking hot. Maybe he'd even get two.

  4. Dr. Who is so steeped in all things British that an American version could not hope to be anything similar whatsoever.(by the way, this made [entertainment is good], in case you're wondering where the hell I came from)

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