need a distraction?

an excuse to stay out of the miserably hot weather?
a chance to improve your insult vocabulary?
exercise those movie trivia muscles?

here you go:

how many of the 100 movies can you name?

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11 thoughts on “need a distraction?

  1. Joe Peschi makes anything sound like an insult. I love the Clockwork Orange insults. I am pretty sure I could name most of the movies. The opening picture from the Breakfast Club I thought was going to be "Shut your pie hole Wang Chung".

  2. Many of these aren't technically insults, but it seems Glengarry Glen Ross is the (obvious) winner. Nobody writes insults and swear words like David Mamet.

  3. @DB: agreed on Joe Pesci. wonder how he proposed to his spouse.@hotrod: I bought the DVD of GGR so I could listen to Blake's speech whenever I want to. I counted three by (the also obvious winner) Full Metal Jacket@silverchimes: that one made me laugh. pissed-off John Wayne is pissed off.

  4. I wanted to whip out my pad and paper and take some notes for the next time I get that angry…of course, I would never have the nerve to say those things but I wish I did :)

  5. My favorite movie insult exchange is from Miller's Crossing:Tom Tell me why I came.Verna The oldest reason there is.Tom There are friendlier places to drink.Verna Why can't you admit it?Tom Admit what?Verna Admit you don't like me seeing Leo because you're jealous. Admit it isn't all cool calculation with you–that you've got a heart–even if it's small and feeble and you can't remember the last time you used it.Tom If I'd known we were going to cast our feelings into words I'd have memorized the Song of Solomon.

  6. it is odd that Miller's Crossing is not part of this montage. then, MC is more of the slow burn, as per your quote above, rather than the brutal putdown.

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