finally something to be proud of

analyze yer writing here

a confession:  first try I got Dan Brown.  ahhhhhhhhhhh! am I doomed to write about big electrical consortia? I couldn't let that stand so again into the breach – which resulted in Jameyboy.  can't say I trust the program

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24 thoughts on “finally something to be proud of

  1. Ooh, I'll have to try this from home. I talk like James Joyce, total stream of consciousness stuff. It'll be fun to see what it says about me.

  2. I'm going to have to rethink my words. That stupid thing said I write like my least favorite author, Chuck Palahniuk.

  3. Margaret Atwood!
    I even tested out some of my work stuff. Apparently Dan Brown would do well writing stories for the employee newsletter of a Big Utility Company.

  4. Isaac Asimov, which kind of makes sense! He was a biochemistry professor and wrote science fiction. It makes me wonder if my posts sound unbelievable.

  5. My nightmare post was a Stephen King, how appropriate.What writer whines and complains? I'll find one of my regular posts and maybe I'll get a whiner.I probably got SK because of all my cursing!haha, my rant post from last week was David Foster Wallace. Isn't he the one who killed himself, who wrote really long books?!

  6. I got Dan Brown and then James Joyce, too. :| And then I got that Canadian lady who wrote The Handmaiden's Tale. I have to wonder about how the analysis algorithm works. Maybe I'll cut-n-paste some actual James Joyce into the thing and see if it comes back Dan Brown… :-P

  7. "Really what do I write like? Most the time I think it is like a bunch of drunken monkeys with typewriters. But monkeys usually don't have typewriters. But we could give them telegraph keys. Do monkeys know Morse Code? Who would receive it? Do you understand Monkey Morse? "
    Resulted in "I Write Like James Joyce"

  8. And I write like William Shakespeare! It wasn't even anything left over from all my years in Renn faire, either, and it was prose, not even blank verse. I do have complicated sentence structures, and use lots of big/obscure words, though, which is probably what did it.

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