keeping fingers crossed

that this capping attempt holds:

livecam of the Horizon oil leak

this is video feed on May 20 2010:

video feed of oil leak, May 20 2010

that's what has been going on for 85 days.  let's hope this cap holds

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6 thoughts on “keeping fingers crossed

  1. Oil industry PISSES ME OFF! badly! I heard someone from BP interviewed where they admitted the priority had always been to channel/control the oil, so they could keep pumping it… not to just effing stop the flow and accept their losses as it SHOULD have been. I am sure if the aim had been to just block the hole they could have done so long ago… it's all the ineffective capping and funneling that has taken so much time… causing so much death and destruction. – no, I don't know what I'm talking about… just mad!I hope this works, and I hope enough survived of the various species so that the ecosystem can cycle back to its usual SNAFU-state after the oil has degraded again. The system is messed up by global warming already…. so… maybe the oil is just another step towards our future ocean ecosystems of slime and jellyfish.

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