window, window, what do you see?

so the latest meme moving through VOX is the Johari Window, an exercise in self-awareness and self-presentation.
steve, patti, and other VOXers have done it, and I'm joining in.  go to my Johari Window and chose adjectives you think may describe me from a list.  you can then, if you choose, create your own Johari Window and spam everybody.  !Fun!

this may be interesting since I've met some of you in person and some are 100% acquaintances of the ether(net) – it'd be cool to see if there are trends – assuming anyone answers.

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5 thoughts on “window, window, what do you see?

  1. That was hard! especially because I don't read directions completely and I chose like 20 words! Then I got it down to 12 and I had a hard time getting past 8 or 9. But, at least teh Lord chose a lot of the ones I had originally picked too.

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